‘Posthistory’ depicts coal region history after King Coal was dethroned – by Ron Devlin (Republican Herald/Yahoo – January 28, 2023)


Jan. 28—POTTSVILLE — The history of anthracite coal in the southern fields usually goes something like this: Necho Allen discovers coal in 1790, igniting an economic engine that burns brightly for 150 years or so.

The black diamonds Allen’s campfire lighted while he slept atop Broad Mountain fueled the Industrial Revolution and remained a vital energy force through World War I and World War II.

In his new book, “Telling Of The Anthracite: A Pennsylvania Posthistory,” Philip Mosley picks up the story of hard coal, as he puts it, “After King Coal had been dethroned.”

In a work of regional history, Mosley focuses on how coal has been remembered since 1960, the date after which he contends the fate of the coal industry turned decidedly grim. Mosley introduced his recently published book, a 250-page paperback, to a crowd of about 30 people Friday evening at the Majestic Theater.

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