The Drift: Sudbury  distributor shining a light on underground mining – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – January 20, 2023)

X-Glo North America’s LED rope lighting enhancing safety across the North

In nearly two decades in mining supply sales, Don Bertrand has visited plenty of underground operations where the lighting was OK at best.

But a little over 10 years ago, he hit upon a product that illuminates underground spaces better than anything else he’s encountered, and now he’s spreading the gospel to mines across the continent. X-Glo North America sells its proprietary LED rope lighting to clients in the mining, tunnelling, and oil and gas sectors.

Bertrand cites its many benefits as increasing visibility and safety, operating more efficiently than traditional lighting, and, perhaps most importantly, easier use. “We say you ‘set it and forget it,’” said Bertrand, general manager of the Sudbury-based company. “You basically install it, it’s up, and you walk away.”

Bertrand was working for OCP Construction Supplies when x-Glo first came on his radar. After selling the product for a number of years in that capacity, he decided to go out on his own, becoming the North American distributor for the product.

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