‘Time for talk is kind of done’: Lisa Raitt on Canada’s natural resources strategy – by Hilary Punchard (Bloomberg News – January 19, 2023)


The time for debating Canada’s natural resources strategy is over, and the country needs to start taking action to make sure it’s not left behind with the global renewable transition, according to Lisa Raitt, former minister of natural resources and former deputy leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“We (Canada) possess the natural resources that are going to be needed when we have the transition to a more decarbonized world and we also have, of course, plentiful oil and gas to get us to that decarbonized world as well,” Raitt said in an interview with BNN Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman on Thursday.

“What Canada has to do is sell itself to the rest of the world, but the world knows, they fully understand Canada competitive position. What we need to do then is to be able to prove to them and show them that we have the skills, the desire and the opportunity to move together; to go from talking about what we are, to showing what we can do and put the projects in place.”

Raitt is co-chair of the Coalition for a Better Future with former deputy prime minister and former minister of natural resources Anne McLellan.

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