Uranium exploration supported in Canadian critical minerals strategy (World Nuclear News – December 13, 2022)


The Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy was released on 9 December by Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson, who said it will position Canada as “the global supplier of choice for the critical minerals and clean technologies needed for the green, digital global economy”.

Uranium appears on the list of 31 minerals currently considered by Canada to be “critical”. To be on the list, a mineral must either be essential to the country’s economic security and its supply is threatened; required for the national transition to a low-carbon economy; or a sustainable source of highly strategic critical minerals for Canadian partners and allies.

The strategy is backed by up to CAD3.8 billion (USD2.8 billion) in federal funding to cover industrial activities from geoscience and exploration to mineral processing, manufacturing and recycling applications, including support for research, development and technological deployment.

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