Yukonomist: The past, present and future of mining and the Yukon economy – Part 2 – by Keith Halliday (Yukon News – December 11, 2022)


Last week, Part 1 of this column looked at the past and present of Yukon mining as well as two game changers that could be powerful tailwinds for the Yukon’s biggest private-sector industry: geopolitics and climate change.

Allies from Berlin to Washington are clamouring for secure supplies of critical minerals from locations that are secure, stable and blessed with high environmental and social standards such as the Yukon.

And climate economists predict that a successful planetary transition to Net Zero will require massive increases in so-called “green mineral” production. The International Energy Agency’s sustainable development scenario suggests annual copper production in the future will need to be a whopping 2.7 times higher than today, for example.

The Yukon has an obligation to help our allies achieve their security and climate goals. It is also a massive economic opportunity. Let’s look at what needs to happen for the Yukon to contribute to our allies’ security as well as our planet’s journey to Net Zero.

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