Lithium exploration near Yellowknife could begin next year – by Sidney Cohen (CBC News North – November 29, 2022)

Li-FT Power Ltd. proposes drilling near Hidden Lake and Bighill Lake

Lithium exploration near two Yellowknife-area lakes popular with hikers and paddlers could begin in 2023. On Nov. 23, Vancouver-based Li-FT Power Ltd. announced it had amalgamated with 1361516 B.C. Ltd. to acquire the Yellowknife Lithium Project. The project comprises 13 mineral leases, including properties near Hidden Lake and Bighill Lake.

Li-FT Power’s CEO, Francis MacDonald, says the company aims to begin drilling as soon as it gets its permits and water license, carries out community engagement, and hires drill contractors.

“This could be one of the larger hard rock lithium deposits in North America,” but in the last 35 years, no one has done exploration in the area, said MacDonald. “We all know that lithium is a good commodity to be in right now and the world needs more lithium, so we have to go out and find it.”

According to a project proposal on the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board’s website, the Yellowknife Lithium Project is held by EREX International Ltd.

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