How the Natural Diamond Industry Supports Canada’s Last Frontier – by Grant Mobley (Only Natural Diamonds – November 28, 2022)

Diamond miners in Canada are prioritizing giving back to the community

Jonas Sangris remembers a time before diamonds were discovered in Canada. He was the Chief of the Dene First Nation, an indigenous group in Canada’s far north. It was the early 1990s, and metals mining was the prevalent industry that was soon to disappear, leaving a substantial economic void in the community.

Jonas recalls approaching the community elders at that time and expressing concern for the impending economic issues, to which the elders calmly replied, “don’t worry, something will come up.” A year later, diamonds were discovered. This discovery would transform the Northwest Territories of Canada.

“It was like the elders knew,” remembers Jonas. The economy of the Northwest Territories of Canada has grown 80.7% since 1999, thanks in large part to diamond mining.

Community leaders in the Northwest Territories wanted to ensure the discovery of diamonds on their land would benefit all of their people. This benefit wasn’t seen in most other types of mining that came before, but they were going to make sure it happened moving forward.

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