Ontario to apologize to miners forced to use McIntyre Powder – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – November 9, 2022)


Sudbury MPP Jamie West wins agreement from Ontario Legislature to apologize to miners who were forced to inhale McIntyre Powder as part of their job

At the end of this month, the Ontario legislature is expected to become united for a few moments as all members of all parties at Queen’s Park will offer an apology to a select group of miners, their widows and their families.

On Nov. 8, Sudbury MPP Jamie West held a news conference at the Miners’ Memorial in Bell Park to announce the Ontario legislature would offer a formal apology to a generation of miners who were forced to inhale a substance called McIntyre Powder, a substance that new research shows caused some of those miners to develop Parkinson’s disease.

This follows what happened 79 years ago, back in November of 1943. It was a time when Canada was fully involved in the Second World War, but the mining industry was as busy as ever producing essential minerals and revenue for the war effort. The official record shows that in Ontario that year, 36 people would die in various accidents at mining properties.

One of them was a 22-year-old man who died in the mill at the McIntyre Porcupine gold mine in Schumacher. His death was not the first fatality at the McIntyre and would not be the last.

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