How To Make Mining A Magnet For TikTokers – by Judith Magyar (Forbes Magazine – November 1, 2022)

Getting young people interested in adding value to society through the mining industry is something Marcelo Santos, General Manager of Digital Technologies, Nexa Resources thinks about a lot. Besides supervising, implementing, and maintaining the company’s computing needs, Santos’ role is to attract and retain the right talent to keep operations running smoothly. Not only that – his team must be agile and skillful enough to successfully navigate the monumental changes facing the industry.

“We have to make mining more attractive to the TikTok generation,” said Marcelo Santos, General Manager of Digital Technologies, Nexa Resources, at SAP’s recent International Conference for Mining and Metals. “These are people with university degrees who can change the world.”

Santos compares mining to banking 20 years ago. “It was one of the industries that invested heavily in digital transformation,” he explained. “Back then, the biggest asset a bank had was its branch. Today, that’s their biggest liability.

The work of the people who drove that massive transformation was not considered sexy, but they managed to transform their industry into an attractive magnet for highly skilled professionals.” Santos’ goal is the same for mining.

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