Minerals and China’s Military Assistance in the DR Congo – by Robert Bociaga (The Diplomat – October 31, 2022)


Beijing’s growing investments in strategic resources in the DRC go hand in hand with increased military assistance intended to secure those assets.

GOMA, DRC — China’s growing investments in the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) allow it to demand special treatment.

The Congolese army has been deployed several times to protect Chinese mining interests in the volatile east of the country. In line with this cooperation, China has also offered training to the Congolese military personnel, as well as security assistance to Chinese companies.

Arms sales are likely to follow, as both Russia and Western partners face new difficulties. The DRC, Africa’s second-largest country by landmass, is no stranger to insecurities, making investments in the resource-rich nation very risky.

In particular, Chinese people – popularly suspected to move around with sizable amounts of money – have become targets of various rebel groups that usually focus on terrorizing Congo’s civilian population. To mitigate these vulnerabilities, China has recently vowed to strengthen cooperation with the DRC to prevent further kidnappings of its nationals.

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