Analyst: “green hydrogen” is a bunch of hot air – by Joan Baxter (Halifax Examiner – October 19, 2022)

The Nova Scotia government is going all-in on “green hydrogen,” but a leading analyst says hydrogen is “starting to look like an economic bubble.”

Last Wednesday, the keynote speaker at the opening of the World Hydrogen Congress in Rotterdam told hundreds of attendees that, “hydrogen is starting to look like an economic bubble.”

Five days later, on Monday, Nova Scotia Natural Resources and Renewables Minister Tory Rushton gushed in a press release that, “Green hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel that can help with our transition to green, renewable energy in circumstances where fossil fuels cannot easily be replaced.”

Rushton’s press release came as the Progressive Conservative government of Tim Houston introduced amendments to several pieces of legislation to “pave the way for the production and use of green hydrogen as a clean energy source in Nova Scotia.”

According to Rushton, “By updating and clarifying our legislation, we are positioning Nova Scotia as a leader in green hydrogen production and outlining a clear regulatory path for businesses.”

The press release continues:

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