Is Saskatchewan eyeing its own ‘sovereignty act’? Province slams federal green laws and says it’s ‘Drawing the Line’ – by Jeremy Nuttall (Toronto Star – October 12, 2022)

Assessing the cost of federal environmental regulations at $111 billion, Premier Scott Moe’s government says it’s preparing legislation to ‘clarify and protect’ its constitutional rights.

Tension between some Prairie provinces and the federal government flared again Tuesday as Saskatchewan released a report alleging the federal government’s climate-change plans will cost the province $111 billion by 2035.

In a statement, Premier Scott Moe said his government would “take steps to protect” the province’s families, businesses and jobs.

“A strong Saskatchewan means a strong Canada, but we cannot allow continued federal intrusion into our exclusive constitutional right to develop our natural resources and grow our economy,” he said. “We will defend and protect Saskatchewan jobs and our economic future.”

Those steps were outlined in an accompanying white paper with the report. The paper highlights the government’s plan to flex its own autonomy, starting with a bill to be introduced this fall.

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