To buy or not to buy: Russian aluminium dilemma for Europe’s buyers – by Joan Faus (Reuters – September 15, 2022)

BARCELONA, Sept 15 (Reuters) – Europe’s power crisis, production cuts and shortages of aluminium have left consumers in a quandary about Russian supplies of the metal vital for the region’s transport, construction and packaging industries.

Some are choosing to shun Rusal’s metal, while others are more sanguine – pointing to the fact that neither the company nor its metal is under sanctions imposed on other Russian companies after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

Known in the industry as “the mating season”, consumers and producers gathered at a conference in Barcelona this week to agree deals to buy and sell aluminium for next year.

Organisers declined to accredit Rusal’s team for the event, without giving a clear reason, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. Rusal’s team came to the city anyway, one of them added.

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