Charging up lithium mines in Canada – by Eric Niemi (Canadian Mining Journal – September 2, 2022)

The world is starting to see the beginning of a transformational phase in mining especially as it comes to lithium, a new hot commodity. While lithium has been used in some ceramics and glass, lubricating greases, continuous casting fluxes among others, its demand is growing with the rise of electric cars that use lithium-ion batteries.

In fact, electric vehicles, are now responsible for 71% of global demand for lithium, according to Natural Resources Canada. Before the battery rush over the past decade, lithium carbonate prices have been notoriously volatile. However, the winds are beginning to change in response to new demand from the green technology and automotive sectors.

More and more, increased exploration into lithium mining is fuelling potential prospects, while new undertakings add momentum to the green future. Canada has an opportunity to lead the world’s lithium market and perhaps even far surpass our work in the oil and gas industry.

While most in the mining industry know, it is not a small number to quote that there are 2.9 million tonnes of lithium resources (M+I, inclusive of reserves) in Canada (Source: Natural Resources Canada).

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