Uranium ‘has to be part’ of electrification, says Dev Randhawa – by Henry Lazenby and Amanda Stutt (Northern Miner – January 31, 2022)


The continued industrialization and urbanization of the global economy have thrust energy security back to the fore. According to uranium industry doyen Dev Randhawa, it creates a perfect storm to bring nuclear energy back into its critical role as the baseline power supply in a world increasingly reliant on unreliable renewable power sources such as solar and wind.

“If you simply take the math of how much electricity we need, how fast China and India are growing, and we want to electrify everything we can, it [uranium] has to be part of it,” Randhawa said in an interview.

“I’m seeing things I haven’t seen since I got into the business, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett spending US$4.2 billion setting up a small reactor in Wyoming. Smart money – follow it – it’s been rushing into the nuclear space for some time now. And it’s a small space,” he said.

“If big money is coming into a small space, we’ve got a correction with uranium prices moving up.” Bullish analysts believe the uranium market cycle has reached its bottom and that a break to the upside for uranium prices is supported by positive supply and demand fundamentals.

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