Sudbury: Coalition calling for moratorium on Ontario’s gravel quarries (CBC News Sudbury – January 31, 2022)

A new coalition is calling for a moratorium on all new gravel quarries in Ontario. Organizers of the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition say the industry has enough sites to meet demand, and further expansion of quarries damages ecosystems and threatens endangered species.

Graham Flint, co-chair of the group, said the coalition formed after decades of “chronic” quarry development in the province.

“After years and years of having individual communities deal with aggregate issues, a group of us felt that it was time to form a broader coalition and elevate the issues that these individual communities were facing to to a higher level to awareness across the province overall,” Flint said.

“Gravel mining is not a benign activity,” Flint said. “It destroys the natural environment and damages communities. Its product is the feed source for highways and sprawl, the various things that are accelerating the climate crisis that we need to get under control.”

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