RANKED: Top 20 EVs of 2021 – costs jump as lithium, cobalt, nickel prices surge – by Frik Els (Mining.com – January 13, 2022)


Ranking of world’s 20 best selling electric cars and their battery metals show automakers grappling with soaring raw material prices

Sales of battery electric cars and plug-in hybrids are set to double in China this year and reach 5 million units in the world’s top auto market. In Europe, EVs have overtaken sales of diesel-powered vehicles for the first time ever, and now account for one out of every five cars driving off lots.

In North America last year, unit sales were 87% ahead of 2020 and will accelerate again this year, with the launch of all electric pick-up (and perhaps cyber) trucks.

Demand is being driven by the much greater range (and sometimes driving range) of models on offer – not that long ago, to misquote Henry Ford, you could have any electric car you wanted, as long as it was a Tesla.

Kilo what?

Range remains the number one concern for prospective buyers – even the CEO of Volkswagen felt it necessary to complain about the lack of charging infrastructure on a trip in Italy. Steadily decreasing battery prices and changing chemistries made it possible to address range anxiety with bigger packs and greater energy density.

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