The Drift: Innovation network seeking world-class solutions for mining conundrums – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – December 10, 2021)

Charles Nyabeze acknowledges that the mining industry retains, among many, an unsavoury reputation. Chewed up landscapes, unsafe working conditions, and pollution have contributed to the sector’s muddied legacy.

But in the march forward to a cleaner, greener future, Nyabeze believes mining can actually be an antidote to the world’s environmental woes. Batteries for electric vehicles, solar panels, wind turbines: their manufacture requires a range of critical metals and minerals, and there’s only one way to get them.

“We are realizing that the only way we can address the climate challenge is through how we utilize minerals and metals that come from the ground,” said Nyabeze, the vice-president of business development and commercialization at the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) in Sudbury.

“Mining is actually feeding the world and allowing the world to become this whole new other world of low-carbon economy.” Yet, the industry is equally cognizant of a need to mine those materials in a cleaner, more efficient way, Nyzbeze said, and that’s where the Mining Innovation Commercialization Acceleration (MICA) Network can help.

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