Team Canada trip to kill Biden’s EV tax credit advanced cause – by Charlie Pinkerton ( – December 6, 2021)

A Canadian delegation sent to Washington to compel American lawmakers to kill a protectionist proposal by U.S. President Joe Biden says progress was made, even though it returned to Canada without any assurances from said lawmakers.

The electric-vehicle (EV) tax credit is part of the Build Back Better Act, an omnibus bill that Democrats passed through the House of Representatives and are now trying to get through the Senate.

The legislation includes $1.75 trillion in spending to fulfill many of Biden’s election promises to mitigate climate change and improve the country’s health and social programs.

The proposed tax credit doesn’t just incentivize people to buy EVs; it also encourages them to buy cars that are union-made in the U.S. To eventually qualify for 40 per cent of the $12,500 tax credit, the EV must meet both those requirements — thereby discouraging Americans from buying Canadian cars.

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