How metals and mining companies are adapting to a greener world – by Nathaniel Bullard (Bloomberg News – October 21, 2021)

The metals and mining sector is a massive resource producer and a massive resource consumer. It exhumes raw materials and transforms them, through energy-intensive processes, into the modern features of our built environment.

In so doing, it also creates about a quarter of the reported emissions of the world’s 12,000 largest companies. As with other hard-to-abate sectors like cement production, or marine shipping, significantly lowering the emissions profiles of metals and mining will be crucial to meaningfully decarbonizing the global economy.

Starting that effort requires measuring where companies and sectors are today. BloombergNEF has just released its first business model transition score for 53 major metals and mining companies. Scores measure each company’s risk from their current emissions profile, and their business’s preparedness for deep decarbonization.

The results highlight where companies are moving quickly and where they are going slow, and importantly, creates distinctions between companies for investors interested in grading enterprises on their transition efforts.

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