Dryden can be a gold mining ‘hub’ of the northwest – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – April 24, 2021)


Treasury Metals sees huge exploration upside with Goliath Gold Project

When Treasury Metals’ Jeremy Wyeth assesses the gold potential in the Dryden area, radiating out from the Goliath Gold Complex, he likens it to a “hub and spoke.”

The company president applies that term to describe their development model to create a super-sized mining operation with a centrally-located processing facility built around a series of open-pit mines.

Wyeth delivered a project update on April 21 during a webcast with Dan Wilton, CEO of First Mining Gold. The latter company is a major investor in Treasury Metals and the Goliath project.

In a back-and-forth discussion, Wyeth and Wilton conveyed the message that Goliath possesses plenty of exploration upside to add more ounces, to upsize their proposed pits, to find more deposits, and improve the project’s overall economics.

The Treasury team already has 1.1-million ounces in the ground for a district-sized property, roughly 20 kilometres east of Dryden. “I don’t believe this is a one-million-ounce resource, I think we’ll see significant growth as we go through our drill program,” said Wyeth.

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