Province expanding Ontario Mine Rescue program – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – April 14, 2021)

Ontario Mine Rescue (OMR) is getting a $2.85-million boost from the province to create an enhanced mine rescue program across the province.

The funding, announced by Labour Minister Monte McNaughton on April 14, marks an increase in the program’s operational budget of more than 55 per cent.

McNaughton said the program will be available to every mine operator in the province and provide additional resources to mine rescue operations at newly opened and expanded mine sites.

“For almost 100 years, Ontario Mine Rescue has provided essential services that have saved the lives of countless miners,” McNaughton said. “This program is truly a role model, not only here in Ontario, but for other provinces and other countries right around the world.”

McNaughton made the announcement during the Virtual Mining Health and Safety Conference, hosted by Workplace Safety North (WSN), which has operated the Ontario Mine Rescue program since 2001.

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