Vale’s search for new mines, reserves continues in Sudbury – by Harald Carmichael (Sudbury Star – March 24, 2021)

These are interesting times for Vale’s operations in Sudbury and Canada. World nickel prices are high, but so are inventories. The electric vehicle market, which will need substantial quantities of nickel for the batteries to power those vehicles, is poised to take off globally.

The nickel reserves now being mined in Greater Sudbury and Thompson, Man., however, are starting to head into their senior years.

And while there are numerous projects in the early stages of development or on the books to replace those long-standing operations, Vale’s North Atlantic operations are embarking on a much-different business approach as they head into the next decade and beyond.

“We’re going to create a presence here that no one has ever seen the likes of,” said Dino Otranto, chief operating officer of Vale’s North Atlantic Operations and Asian Refineries during his virtual address Tuesday as part of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce’s President’s Series. “We have a strong team. We have the linkages here in the community to do that and we need to continue that.

“We (also) want to find the issues for everybody here and to really talk … We have considerable reserves. Together, it gives you an exciting ground runway into the future. Let’s start the dialogue. I think it’s a fantastic time for the community.”

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