Liberals’ climate plan comes with too much of the messianic message – by John Ivison (National Post – December 12, 2020)

What is vexing is Trudeau’s conviction that all Canadians share his zeal – and that any who do not are not merely misguided but immoral

As George Orwell once said of Christianity and socialism, the worst advertisement for environmentalism is its adherents.

In particular, Justin Trudeau in full messianic flow is enough to make even the most ecologically conscious among us request a plastic bag next time we go to the supermarket.

The prime minister and ministers Jonathan Wilkinson, Catherine McKenna and Steven Guilbeault revealed the government’s new climate and clean growth strategy on Friday, a plan designed to exceed Canada’s Paris targets of 30 per cent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2030.

Trudeau brooked no opposition to the plan to increase the federal carbon tax by $15 a tonne every year until 2030.

The plan will create good jobs and help grow the middle class, he said. “The transition to a clean economy will present new opportunities for you,” he said.

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