CEO Of DeepGreen Metals Talks Mining Nickel From The Seafloor — CleanTechnica Interview – by Johnna Crider (Clean Technica – August 15, 2020)

DeepGreen is a deep-sea mining company with a vision of a zero-carbon, circular economy. Its goal is to source metals with the least environmental and societal impact. I noticed the company when its social media marketer added me to a Twitter list.

DeepGreen Metals has an interesting name and it caught my attention more when I checked out its profile and was graciously offered the opportunity to interview the CEO, Gerard Barron.

I find the world of minerals, metals, and gemstones a fascinating one, and DeepGreen’s story using a technique with minerals to extract base metals for batteries really piqued my curiosity.

Johnna Crider: I want to start the interview off by allowing you to share your story. Everyone has a story as to how they came upon the current work they are doing. What’s yours?

Gerard Barron: I started my first company at university and have been on an omnivorous entrepreneurial path ever since. I have built companies in finance, publishing, car battery manufacturing, telecoms, and software-as-a-service. All of them felt like meaningful, value–creating ventures in their niches … but then a few years ago a serious, pressing planetary scale problem got hold of me and I have been in its grip ever since.

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