ANALYSIS: A hindrance or a help? What do China’s new ore regulations mean for Australian exporters? – by Stephen Dziedzic (Australian Broadcasting Corporation – May 24, 2020)

The drama has a familiar rhythm. An obscure official diktat is penned in Beijing. Then it ripples out through the world, frenetically shared by exporters, analysts, journalists and diplomats, before rapidly making the leap to newswires and websites in Australia.

An email lands in your inbox, or a headline flashes up on a television screen. And then the phone calls flow, and the guessing games begin. Over the past couple of weeks, China’s Government has passed a seemingly endless string of new regulations which have hit Australian exporters.

The pace has been frantic. China first locked in tariffs on Australia barley, before pivoting to hit four Australian abattoirs with new import bans.

This week, there’s been feverish speculation about Australia’s vast and lucrative minerals trade with China. Beijing whacked informal quotas on coal imports, just days after announcing new inspection rules for iron ore imports.

Each new announcement has brought a new round of frantic phone calls and mounting industry anxiety as Australian officials and exporters try to figure out what it means for them.

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