The Liberals are pouring kerosene on the flames of Western separatism – by Rex Murphy (National Post – Feburary 8, 2020)

Denying Teck’s Frontier mine project would be unspeakably stupid. And dangerous. And talk of an ‘aid package’ for Alberta is simply outrageous

“If they say no to this project, then they are signalling … that he (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) wants to phase out the oilsands,” Kenney said.

It was not a sentence I was prepared to read. Not even in the central Canadian press. The sentence was this: Canada is preparing an aid package for Alberta. Let me detail how wrong this is, and outrageous.

Where did this “Canada” come from? The Liberal government is not Canada. And everyone in Canada except, perhaps, the Liberal government, knows this.

The headline should read: The minority government of Justin Trudeau, having already strangled Alberta’s energy industry with pipeline bans and carbon taxes, has come up with a new, most devastating insult to that province. It is contemplating an “aid package” (UN administered?) in the event it makes the most bottomlessly stupid decision in the history of the country and denies the go-ahead to the Teck mine.

Completely rewritten headline with same meaning: Trudeau government mulls speeding up Western separation. Bright Toronto backbencher has brilliant idea: “I know. Let’s cancel the $20-billion Teck oilsands mine and all its good-paying jobs and send every Albertan a copy of Coding for Dummies. For free. A few for the farmers as well. We can call it an aid package.” Chuckles from the back of the caucus. Wide grins in front.

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