The 25 Most Famous Diamonds Mines of the World (Diamonds Examiner – January 21, 2018)

You’ve certainly heard about the most famous diamonds of the world like the Hope Diamond, the Koh-i-Noor or the Cullinan diamond. But do you know from which diamonds mines they are coming from? Read this post to learn about it.

1. Cullinan Diamond Mine

The Cullinan Diamond Mine, previously known as the Premier Mine (renamed in late 2003), is an underground mine located in today’s Gauteng Province of South Africa, in the eponymous town of Cullinan (both the mine and the town were named after Thomas Cullinan, a diamond magnate of South African origin).

Much as the new name would imply, this is the mine that yielded the largest rough stone in the world to date – the 3,106.75-carat Cullinan (unearthed in 1905, only three years after the mine’s establishment). Cullinan I and Cullinan II are the most prominent cut stones in the Crown Jewels of the UK.

Other notable diamonds mined in the Premier Mine include the Premier Rose (353.9-carat rough stone cut to a pear-shaped 137.02-carat colourless diamond), the heart-shaped Centenary Diamond (weighing in at 273.85 carats), the Golden Jubilee Diamond (at 545.67 carats, this is the largest cut stone in the world, having taken the title from the Cullinan I in 1985), the Niarchos Diamond (originally a 426.5-carat internally flawless stone, cut into several pieces), as well as the famed Taylor-Burton Diamond (a “mere” 68-carat pear-shaped stone, originally unearthed in 1966 as a 241-carat rough stone).

Other notable diamonds include the Deepdene, Heart of Eternity, as well as the Allnatt Diamond (in all likelihood, though the last one is debated). The mine is considered one of, if not the most important sources of blue diamonds, extracting its stones from a kimberlite pipe.

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