Wolf Lake part of renewed focus on mining frontier – by Jim Moodie (Sudbury Star – December 3, 2019)


A junior miner heralding a “new frontier” in Sudbury exploration is poised to add claims around Wolf Lake to a vast property it has already staked in the Chiniguchi-Temagami area.

“This whole area northeast of Lake Wanapitei has never really been explored,” said Stefan Spears, chairman and CEO of Inventus Mining. “Everyone assumed it was too far away or assumed that it wasn’t part of the Sudbury environment.”

The Inventus property, dubbed Sudbury 2.0, lies about 40 kilometres northeast of Sudbury within the Temagami Magnetic Anomaly, an egg-shaped zone that stretches from Lake Wanapitei to Bear Island in Lake Temagami. The anomaly is comparable in both size and magnetic stamp to the Sudbury basin, suggesting a mineral trove may also exist below the rugged surface of this untapped twin.

Much of the region, however, remained either “unmapped geologically or, where it was mapped, was shown as having these much older sedimentary rocks on surface,” said Spears. “So people thought maybe there’s something at depth but it’s probably four or five kilometres down, so who cares. What we’re showing now is that is not the case.”

Late last week, the company announced plans to acquire three more parcels — including a pair at Wolf Lake — from Calgary-based Flag Resources. “Flag is pretty much a defunct company,” said Spears. “They’re insolvent and haven’t really been in business since 2006, but they still hold their claims and leases, and those are valid.”

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