Quebec is as much an oil state as Alberta — they just let others produce it – by Monte Solberg (Financial Post – November 19, 2019)

Monte Solberg, the principal at New West Public Affairs, is a former Alberta MP and cabinet minister

Take my hand, will you, and I will lead you through the wardrobe to a magical place, where the only energy is clean energy, where Tesla-driving Quebecers signal as they change lanes, and the only emissions are of a private nature.

Now, as we walk through a pristine old-growth forest we come upon a great eminence, a splendid figure who picks absent-mindedly at a glorious cape made entirely of recycled plastic straws. What is this place and who is this extraordinary man?

It is Imaginary Quebec of course, home to Yves-François Blanchet, leader of the Bloc Québécois. Here, he speaks for all of Quebec. Here he has declared that he will not help Alberta “create an oil state,” suggesting that the Quebec economy isn’t itself greased and fired by decayed dinosaurs.

If we had more time I would say “Pull up a plaque-encrusted neuron and sit a while in his fertile imagination.” But time is fleeting, and we must hurry. Reality waits for no one, not even for this minor but magnificent ruler of Imaginary Quebec.

Now that we are back to the world of facts and truth let’s tour real Quebec in the province’s best-selling vehicle, the Ford F-150, a gas-guzzling stud of a truck. You’ll see a lot of them running around rural Quebec, often with a dead moose in the back.

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