The world beats a path to Sudbury: International delegations dig the Nickel City for its mining expertise and regreening story – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – October 16, 2019)

The City of Greater Sudbury has rolled out the red carpet no less than 10 times this year for international trade delegations coming to see the city’s expertise in mining and hear the story of the environmental remediation of its once-devastated landscape.

The payoff has been low-key but still very significant, according to organizers who have worked to entice these groups by teaming up with government, the mining and supply companies, and post-secondary educators.

“The key word is ‘partnerships’ because these are happening from many different partners from all levels of government,” said Scott Rennie, a business development officer with the city, who is also the project manager for Northern Ontario Exports.

Rennie said the Colombian mining group that arrived in Sudbury in early October came about thanks to the city’s relationship with the trade commission services in Global Affairs Canada. The group included representatives from Gran Colombia Gold, Anglo Gold, Minesa and the Colombian association of mining professionals.

“Other delegations have come through with connections, for example, with NORCAT (a local technology and innovation centre), through connections with the province, they could be through connections with Laurentian University, and more. We have had delegations just come and approach us; sometimes they come from the trade branches of other countries,” Rennie explained.

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