OPINION: Mining industry needs investment or metal shortages are inevitable – by Julian Kettle (Woood Mackenzie – July 3, 2019)


Julian Kettle is Vice Chairman, Metals & Mining at Wood Mackenzie.

The time is right for the mining industry to invest in new projects. The fundamentals are clear: we forecast supply gaps across a number of key commodities by 2028.

Investors are understandably concerned that the mining industry will repeat the sins of the past. Meanwhile, macro-economic uncertainty is putting the brakes on project development, and the industry must contend with a widening range of above-ground risks.

But our view is that strong fundamentals mean that investors willing to step up will be rewarded.

Where are the most critical supply gaps?

China is a driving force in global commodity markets. Despite its best efforts, the country is geologically short on several important metals: copper, nickel, zinc, iron ore and aluminium.

In the long term, rising demand, declining grades and a lack of development will exacerbate the supply gap. Copper is the most urgent: if no new capital is committed, we forecast a 5.7 Mt supply gap by 2028. Greenfield incentive prices are either at or approaching the right level for copper, zinc and gold, making these metals ripe for investment in 2019 and 2020.

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