Kenney’s resoluteness won Alberta. Trudeau’s hypocrisy helped Notley lose – by Rex Murphy (National Post – April 17, 2019)

Anyone who’s surprised Jason Kenney won a majority government Tuesday night has either been asleep for a long while, or working in the Prime Minister’s Office. The indefatigable, persevering, and super-industrious Kenney is a miracle of political endurance. No ordinary politician could out-work Kenney even if supplied with a few spare clones.

There are many reasons why he won but let us establish right at the top that the first reason, and the one that fired all the rest of them, is that he works like the sun never sets, and that sunrise is just something that happens only long after he gets up.

Secondly, he knows what a job is. To be exactingly precise he knows what not having one means to normal everyday people. It is always annoying to listen to the bigheads who rabbit on about “transitioning to a non-carbon economy” of how glibly and disinterestedly they reference the tens and hundreds of thousands who will be displaced from their employment in oil, gas and coal industries.

There’s always some fatuous nod to their plight that takes the form of a super-vague assurance that there will be heaps of “new green jobs” — as if jobs have colours, and as if going from present day real work to a fanciful job in some dreamed-up “green future” will float down from the sky at the twitch of a climate-change minister’s thumb.

Such fantasies are an insult to people out of work and those threatened with being out of work. Kenney knows this in a way that a certain leader in Ottawa simply can’t fathom, and in a way that those who jet off to Paris and Copenhagen for the annual jawfest about saving the planet don’t even care to understand.

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