‘A stampede of stupid’: Alberta’s energy sector fighting Ottawa on three fronts – by Geoffrey Morgan (Financial Post – April 10, 2019)


“You may have noted that Albertans are not fans of Ottawa these days, which is the G-rated way to put it,” Rachel Notley told a Senate committee

CALGARY – New laws that would impede Alberta’s oil and gas from getting to export markets represent “a stampede of stupid,” Rachel Notley said Tuesday.

Notley, the NDP leader currently running for re-election to the Alberta premier’s office, testified before a Senate committee hearing Tuesday on Bill C-48, a federal bill that would place a moratorium on oil tankers moving crude off the northern part of British Columbia’s coastline.

“At the end of the day, this has a gargantuan impact on Alberta,” Notley said during her presentation, which blasted both the content and the spirit of the bill.

A combination of Alberta politicians, oil executives and industry groups blasted federal laws on three fronts Tuesday, arguing that Ottawa’s oil tanker moratorium, and separate plans to revamp pipeline approvals and Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard would all have an outsized impact on Alberta.

In the midst of the Alberta election, much of the province’s anger over the state of the economy is being directed at Ottawa and, with a week left before Albertans vote, both major parties are stepping up their criticism of the federal government.

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