THE DRIFT: Miner and designer balances dual roles: Sudbury’s Alicia Woods finds passion in mining industry – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – April 5, 2019)

When Alicia Woods was vying to enter the mining industry, she knew that name recognition would at least get her foot in the door, but it would take hard work to prove she deserved to be there.

Woods is the daughter of Paul Marcotte who, along with his brothers and father, founded Sudbury-based Marcotte Mining Machinery Services in 1979, designing and manufacturing underground utility vehicles.

As a kid, Woods loved hanging around her dad in the shop, and it was her long-time dream to one day work alongside him in the industry. “He never made me feel like it wasn’t an industry for me,” she said. “I never once felt that it wasn’t for girls.”

The company was sold a short time after her father’s unexpected death in 1992, and Woods worried her opportunity to follow in his footsteps was lost. Instead, she set her sights on becoming a teacher and was in the process of training for that role when she got called back to Marcotte to work part time. Her passion for the industry was reignited.

“It definitely offers a lot of opportunity for growth and travel,” said Woods, who’s visited mines across Canada and the U.S. and into Latin America. “You’re meeting new people, and it’s always something different every day. There are always challenges that you have to work through.”

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