THE DRIFT: Smart helmet to improve safety, efficiency: Jannatec’s wearable device to roll out this spring – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – March 26, 2019)

When it hits the market this spring, Jannatec Technologies’ smart helmet will function a lot like the modern smartphone – one communications device that incorporates multiple uses.

But the wearable gear is being designed for use deep underground to provide miners with higher visibility, radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging, proximity detection, biometrics monitoring, photography and video capabilities, and more.

“We try not to think of it as a helmet,” said Mark Burnett, an account representative with Jannatec. “We try to think of it as a platform that’s going to offer (mining) operations different capabilities and solutions that they may need to fit their unique problems, which is why it’s going to be a multi-faceted platform.”

Over the last few years, Sudbury-based Jannatec has invested millions of dollars in developing the technology, which is one half of a smart helmet/cooling vest combo. The project is the company’s contribution to the Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN), a Sudbury-conceived initiative partnering private enterprise with the research community to find solutions to ultra-deep mining’s most pressing issues.

In its first phase, the helmet will be available with high-visibility LED lights and RFID tagging capabilities to help keep track of underground workers. Next, Jannatec will add a camera and the ability to connect to a mine’s proximity detection system. By its third iteration, the helmet will have more communications capabilities such as sending and receiving phone calls, photos, and videos.

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