[Space Mining] Maple moon rising: a gateway to better Canada-US relations? – by Christopher Sands and Sean Kelly (Policy Options – March 2019)


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on February 28 that Canada would join the United States in its Lunar Gateway project, becoming the first international partner to officially sign on. The announcement came with a financial commitment of $2 billion over 24 years.

Then, on March 6, Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains launched a comprehensive new Canadian space policy. Titled Exploration, Imagination, Innovation: A New Space Policy for Canada, the strategy sets federal research funding priorities for space science in four areas: lunar science, artificial intelligence, robotics and health.

The goal is to highlight areas in which Canada has already developed deep expertise while accelerating cutting-edge research to ensure that Canada can continue to contribute as a partner of choice for the US and other countries engaged in space exploration.

Additionally, the Canadian government will be developing the Canadarm3 — an upgraded version of the Canadarm used on the International Space Station — as well as investing $150 million in the Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program, a new initiative to stimulate space business in Canada.

The Lunar Gateway is a first-stage goal in the Trump administration’s ambitious space program plans. The station will operate in orbit around the moon and act as a platform for conducting research and development for deep space exploration.

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