Who should fuel the EV revolution? – by Guy Dixon (Globe and Mail – February 15, 2019)


Ontario is gearing up to power a population of electric vehicles, but how soon is the populace going to drive them?

As an example of one region’s readiness for electric vehicles, Ontario Power Generation, which produces about half of the province’s electrical generation, said it will be able to provide the extra power needed for an estimated three million or more EVs to hit Ontario’s roads in 20 years.

“The energy is there,” but the infrastructure is lacking – the ability for drivers to conveniently plug in their cars en masse overnight, said Andrea Brown, senior manager of electrification development at Ontario Power Generation.

“There have been a lot of investments made by the province and the federal government, but there’s still a long way to go,” she said. “I don’t know that we can necessarily leave it all to the government. I think other parties need to take a role,” she added, speaking at the Smart Cities conference on urban mobility at The Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto this week.

“Electric vehicles are by far the biggest load that we see coming into the electricity system. It’s comparable to when we saw air conditioning come into the market,” she said. Should automakers take the initiative and help build an infrastructure of charging stations, such as the U.S. electric car company Tesla has done?

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