Blast may have triggered quake in Sudbury: Vale – by Donald Macdonald (Sudbury Star – February 8, 2019)

No serious damage to Garson Mine or nearby Nickel Rim Mine, companies say.

Work is proceeding at Garson Mine after an earthquake Wednesday that originated at the Vale site but was felt by people residing more than 10 kilometres away.

Vale spokesperson Angie Robson said the company experienced a 2.9 magnitude seismic event at the 5,200 level of the mine shortly after 5 p.m. Fortunately, “no employees were injured as a result of this event,” she noted, and “work is continuing as normal, except in restricted areas of the mine.”

Robson said there was no damage to mobile equipment, “although there is some displaced rock that needs to be addressed, as well as some repair work to infrastructure in the affected area of the mine.”

The company does not expect the disruption “to have any material impact to production at Garson,” she said. Glencore’s Nickel Rim mine, located just a few kilometres away, was not impacted at all by the event, said spokesperson Iyo Grenon.

Natural Resources Canada also confirmed a quake occurred on Wednesday, although curiously the coordinates it provides for the event — 46.46 N, 80.65 W — place the epicentre southeast of Wahnapitae, near Red Deer Lake.

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