Want to innovate? Abandon current models, says mining executive – by Karen McKinley (Northern Ontario Business – October 22, 2018)


Managing director of McEwan Mining tells Sudbury audience real industry change comes from original ideas

Is there really innovation in mining? And if not, how can the industry really foster technical changes for its long-term future?

Those were the main topics of discussion at the Student Night event of the Sudbury chapter of the Canadian Institute of Mining on Oct. 18, with speaker Nathan Stubina, managing director of McEwen Mining, Inc.

He gave an interactive discussion on whether or not mining innovation is an oxymoron, fielding questions from the audience to gauge perceptions and opinions. The at-capacity audience at Dynamic Earth included about 90 students, most of them in mining and engineering programs.

The presentation itself was lively, peppered with humour poking fun at the stereotypes of mining, engineering, geology and chemistry. Overall, Stubina said in later comments he was pleased with the lively reactions from the audience and was happy to see enthusiastic participation.

He said there is little innovation happening in the mining industry because it often borrows from other industries and adapts the technology. Those other industries, Stubina said, are also not innovating because they are just building on old models, some of which have their roots in centuries-old standards.

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