Ex-Barrick band looks for new legacy – by Richard Roberts (Mining Journal – September 25, 2018)


Armed with an improved understanding of the “stratigraphic complexities … and the importance of low angle structures and their contribution to gold deposition” at Red Hill, NuLegacy’s management team is eager to follow-up recent high-grade drill hits at the Serena target immediately. But it will also continue to drill widely spaced targets elsewhere in a bid to replicate the results and apply its expanded knowledge kit as broadly as possible on the 98sq.km property.

“We will be drilling more holes to follow up on the excellent results in SR18-02 [including 8.7m at 16.9gpt from 283.7m), but that same set-up of structure and stratigraphy can be seen in numerous places on the property,” NuLegacy president and CEO Anderson told Mining Journal.

“So we feel it would be a big mistake to focus on only one area.” Anderson said all junior companies had a geological analogue of what they were looking for.

“Ours just happens to be [Barrick Gold’s] Goldrush – the best gold deposit found on planet Earth in the last decade, which sits just five miles away from where we are working. Our ambition is to find something similar on our ground, where we know the same geologic setting exists, and where we are now encountering similar grades.”

Anderson said at the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit in Colorado NuLegacy had three key former Barrick executives on its board in Alex Davidson, Alan Hill and Barrick’s ex-North America exporation vice president, Edward Cope.

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