Meeting held in Bienfait regarding the future of coal-fired electricity in Saskatchewan – by Brady Bateman (Estevan Mercury – September 19, 2018)

A public discussion was held in the town of Bienfait on Thursday regarding the future of coal-fired power in Saskatchewan, and the rest of the country.

The meeting was hosted by Souris-Moose Mountain MP Robert Kitchen, who stated that the purpose of the evening was not for him to speak to the attendees, but to have the attendees speak to him, and to suggest ideas that could be useful in the argument of the importance of coal power in Canada.

“Why I’m here is that I, with a couple of my colleagues from Alberta that have coal mining in their ridings, as well as coal energy in their ridings, we obviously have some big concerns, for you, for the communities and the big impact that this will have on this part of Saskatchewan as well as Alberta,” said Kitchen.

“When you see what has happened in Ontario when they shut down coal, and the devastation that happened in the communities, as well as the cost of electricity, we want to try and approach that in a proactive way.”

“What our plan today is, is to talk to our constituents and over the next month or so and devise a policy as to where we should go with coal mining and the coal industry. We believe that you, who work in the industry, know a lot more about these things than we do as politicians, so we need your help to create a policy that … we can hopefully pitch to our leadership such that we will hopefully put that in our platform for the next election.”

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