Remnant strategy could extend 777 lifespan: Hudbay – by Eric Westhaver (Flin Flon Reminder – August 29, 2018)

Hudbay is proposing a new strategy that could extend the life of Flin Flon’s main mine. The strategy includes pursuing reserves with remnants, or small pockets of ore found underground.

“They are spread out, smaller in size and more expensive to extract than the ore that is being mined right now,” said Scott Brubacher, Hudbay director of corporate communications.

The 777 Mine is currently slated to end production in 2021, but the remnants strategy has become one of the company’s main hopes for extending the mine past 2021.

Hudbay teams have found and identified remnant areas at 777 that would require drilling. There is one big obstacle that needs to be overcome in this process, however – whether or not it would be profitable for Hudbay to pursue remnants during the latter years of 777.

If profits are sufficient, remnant mining could keep some operations alive at the 777 Mine. The scale of a remnant project would be much smaller than a full-scale flagship mine, but would allow the site to still see some use.

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