Heart in Diamond: The Company Reshaping the Funeral Industry – by Naomi Webb (TG Daily – July 30, 2018)


In recent years, man made diamonds have completely revolutionised the diamond industry. Unlike blood diamonds and conflict diamonds, man made diamonds are ethical and eco-friendly. They are also relatively easy and comparatively affordable to produce.

Heart in Diamond have taken the man-made diamond concept further to incredible success; creating diamonds from the ashes of both people and pets, creating unique memorials that people simply can’t get enough of.

As you will see here, memorial diamonds are just as beautiful as naturally formed diamonds, but with a wonderful and poignant meaning to them. You can choose to have these diamonds created from hair, ashes, or a combination of the two, and keep a piece of your loved one by your side always.

How Are Cremation Diamonds Made?

Many people are curious about the cremation diamond manufacturing process, but it’s surprisingly straightforward to explain.

Customers choose the cut, colour and carat size of the diamond they want, and then send the relevant quantity of hair or ashes to Heart in Diamond. You will need to send 3 ½ to 4 ounces of ashes to produce enough carbon to create a diamond. This is the stage of the process that makes people feel most apprehensive, but this cremation diamond manufacturer takes care to treat the ashes they receive with care and respect.

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