‘A truly historic agreement’: province and northern Ontario First Nations to share resource revenues – by Heather Kitching (CBC News Thunder Bay – May 3, 2018)


Ontario will split revenues from forestry and mining with First Nations represented by three councils

The provincial government announced Thursday that it’s signed a series of resource revenue sharing agreements that will see money from mining and forestry operations in northern Ontario flow to First Nations partners in the territories where those activities take place.

The agreements, made with First Nations represented by Grand Council Treaty #3, Wabun Tribal Council and Mushkegowuk Council, will see Ontario share 45 per cent of annual revenue from forestry stumpage with the First Nations.

It will also share 40 per cent of the annual mining tax and royalties from mines active at the time the agreements were signed and 45 per cent from future mines in the territories covered by the agreements.

“It’s awesome. It’s truly a historic agreement,” said Judy Maunula, who uses her Ojibway name, Whitecloud in her role as Chief of Lac de Mille Lacs First Nation.

It’s one of 28 First Nations that are part of Grand Council Treaty #3 in an area from west of Thunder Bay to north of Sioux Lookout, and along the international border, through to Manitoba.

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