Carrots won’t do with John Horgan — it’s time for the Prime Minister to use the stick – by Claudia Cattaneo (Financial Post – April 14, 2018)

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heads into a long-overdue meeting Sunday with the premiers of British Columbia and Alberta to resolve the Trans Mountain pipeline crisis, it’s important to remember one thing: British Columbia Premier John Horgan has no leverage and is all bluster.

Offering more carrots won’t do because Horgan will simply stomp all over them. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister’s only alternative is the stick — and he must tell Horgan he’s prepared to use it.

On the legal front, Horgan is emerging as an emperor with no clothes on the $7.4 billion project, which he wants to stop at any cost because his minority government depends on three Green MLAs to stay in power.

Calgary Senator Doug Black, an energy lawyer, said it’s been obvious for months Horgan’s intentions are not legitimate.

“They are endeavouring to use the courts inappropriately as a tool,” he said. “They are not interested in the law. They are interested in delay and frustrating.”

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