Trudeau still gives green fanatics cover as they strangle Trans Mountain – by Rex Murphy (National Post – April 11, 2018)

If the Trans Mountain pipeline had received a mere fraction of the support the PM has given to fighting climate change, it would not be in danger

The question is: Who has authority to decide Canadian energy policy?

Governments or Green-machine protesters?

That is the question: Which bunch will it be, Canada’s parliaments, or those who self-appoint as the green guardians of whatever place on Earth — usually in Canada — they choose to exercise their very particular kind of media-and-protest-pressure politics?

Will it be government? Or Green end-of-days monomaniacs? We had an answer on Sunday when Kinder Morgan announced that the relentless harassment of its proposed pipeline has moved to the company to the very edge of outright cancellation. And it wasn’t government.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline project is very likely going the way of Energy East, Northern Gateway and Petronas. Jobs by the tens of thousands, energy security and support to the whole Canadian economy have been turned to dust due to the righteousness and fervour of one-issue fanatics.

Up till Sunday, the Trudeau government’s preferred role was to sit mute and complacent as an indifferent spectator to the concerted attacks on the Canadian energy industry, while vaingloriously proclaiming its “global leadership” on the global-warming file.

The latter is the real “industry” this government backs, and backs with full-heated and endless proclamations on every stage of the world it’s offered. I’d argue this government has more than enabled the conditions that have led to the present crisis by its inaction, its over-the-top global-warming frenzies, and its near desperate desire to play the hero at Paris and Davos at the expense of Calgary and Fort McMurray.

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