Russians have weaponized social media — but our governments and businesses remain oblivious to the threat – by Diane Francis (Financial Post – March 13, 2018)

The weaponizing of social media by Russians and others has afflicted the U.S., France, Germany, Britain and others. But there is no controversy about this concerning Canada — and it should be.

Consider the fact that the anti-development forces in B.C. won its election by a hair, and have disrupted the oil and liquefied natural gas industry in Canada, the country’s only engine of economic growth.

The Russians and others who have meddled to prevent resource development here for years should be drinking champagne and eating caviar as casualties pile up. Stoppage of Malaysia’s LNG project in B.C.; the Alberta-B.C. trade fight; blockage of Kinder Morgan Inc.’s Trans Mountain pipeline, a legally permitted pipeline; and cancellation of TransCanada Corp.’s Energy East east-west pipeline.

It is naïve to believe that Canada is not a battleground for malevolent outsiders, and insiders, and there’s evidence that this has already happened in the past. And yet, Ottawa, other levels of governments, corporations, and electoral commissions remain oblivious to this.

This is why Canada’s parliament must subpoena Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc., Twitter Inc. and other online “transmitters” to testify as to who they have allowed to advertise or post to Canadians.

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