Mining’s Main Event Shows Good Times Are Back—Just Not for All – by Danielle Bochove and Luzi-Ann Javier (Bloomberg News – March 7, 2018)

If attendance at the world’s biggest mining conference is any indication, the industry has all but fully recovered from a painful downturn — although capital is still tight, especially for juniors.

More than 25,000 mining executives, investors, prospectors, government officials and analysts from 125 countries poured into this year’s PDAC conference in Toronto, the most in five years.

While attendance is still off the 2012 peak, which took place before producers were pummeled by a sharp price downturn, this year’s numbers indicate a clear recovery in confidence, albeit not evenly spread across the industry, said PDAC President Glenn Mullan.

“Junior mining companies are still struggling to raise money,” he said. “It’s the seniors and producers that are doing very well.”

Many events, including access to an investor exchange where mining companies showcase their assets, sold out early, Mullan said. Floors were noticeably more crowded than in recent years.

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