Finland takes top spot for mining-friendly investment – by Henry Lazenby ( – February 23, 2018)

VANCOUVER ( – Finland has ousted Saskatchewan as the top international jurisdiction for mining investment, Canada’s Fraser Institute announced on Thursday.

Canada’s leading independent think-tank, the Fraser Institute, administers its Annual Survey of Mining Companies and ranks jurisdictions around the world based on a combination of their geological attractiveness for minerals and metals and their policy attractiveness.

“Rich mineral reserves, competitive taxes, efficient permitting procedures and certainty around environmental regulations will still attract significant investment – even with slumping commodity prices,” said senior director of energy and natural resource studies Kenneth Green.

The 2016 Investment Attractiveness Index report showed that Canada had both the best (Saskatchewan) and second-best (Manitoba) mining jurisdictions in the world, but this changed in 2017, with Finland jumping from fifth position in the 2016 survey, to the top of the most recent list, while Saskatchewan dropped to second place, followed by Nevada – up from fourth place in 2016.

The Republic of Ireland ranked fourth this year, and Western Australia dropped from third in 2016, to fifth in 2017. Rounding out the top ten were Quebec, Ontario, Chile, Arizona, and Alaska, the institute said.

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